Titration Problem Friday!

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Titration worksheet today! Download it here. Due monday if you weren't in class. Due at the end of class if you were... Read more


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Here's the notes we did on acid base neutralizations. Homework Due: none. Homework Assigned: page 556 practice problems 1-2 and section review problems... Read more


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We took some notes on pH today. The notes can be found here. The practice problems on pages 541 and 544 are... Read more

Acids and Bases NFW

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We learned how to identify and then name and write formulas for acids and bases. This is now you identify and... Read more

Solutions Review

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We're all done with solutions! The test is on Thursday. We'll have a practice test on Wednesday But today I assigned this. Due... Read more

Solution Stoichiometry

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This topic can be tough. So I uploaded a copy of the notes here Worksheet 1 is due Wednesday. Solution Soichiometry WS1 Worksheet... Read more

Solubility Curves

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Friday we discussed solubility curves. We had a powerpoint on information posted here, types of problems posted here, and we watched a... Read more

Review for concentration quiz

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We're going to have a concentration quiz tomorrow. Here's the practice quiz we did in class today. Kbuhbye.


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We learned about dilutions and using the dilution equation today. Here's some notes. This worksheet is due tomorrow.

% by mass and % by volume

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Just a few notes on % by mass and volume today.  We turned in the concentration packet as well.