Gases Retake Information

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Want to retake the gases test? Here's what you need to do. For BOTH the written and MC portions (you may... Read more

More Gas Stoichiometry

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Hi.  We continued with gas stoichiometry today. Early feedback was that it was amazing. This homework is due tomorrow (answers included). No new... Read more

Gas Stoichiometry Introduction

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We did a little gas stoichiometry today. Here's the notes and the homework is on the bottom of that note page.

Mixed Gas Laws Problems

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Today's problems are solved by using the ideal gas law or the combined gas law. Have fun solving them! No new... Read more

The Ideal Gas Law

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We discussed the ideal gas law today. Notes are here. And here's the homework that was assigned. Answers to the HW are here. #IdealTalk

A/B Test Retake Info

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The acid base test retake will be next week (Date TBD). This is the retake assignment that must be completed to... Read more

The Gas Laws

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Still sick today. Please take notes on the powerpoint below and do the problems on the worksheet for homework. Both of... Read more

Intro to Gases

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Guys! We're back! YOU GUYS! Here's the notes from today. Homework assigned: page 422 1, 3, 6, 8 - 10

A/B Review

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All done with acids and bases! These are the review problems: page 566 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 11, 12, 16, 21,... Read more

Titration Problem Friday!

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Titration worksheet today! Download it here. Due monday if you weren't in class. Due at the end of class if you were... Read more